Personal information

Sylvester Hesp
(hidden) Utrecht, The Netherlands
(hidden, please e-mail)
Birth date
9 April 1981
City of birth
Vianen (U), The Netherlands
Marital status
Driver's License
European category "B"


2003 - 2004
Master “Geometry, Imaging and Virtual Environments” (GIVE), Utrecht University, faculty of informatics; not finished due to job offer.
1999 - 2003
Bachelor “Higher Informatics”, Hogeschool van Utrecht.
1998 - 1999
HAVO, R.O.C. Utrecht. Exam courses: Dutch, English, Mathematics A+B, Physics, Chemistry, Economics.
1993 - 1998
VWO, Dr. F. H. de Bruyne Lyceum in Utrecht.

Work experience

2004 - present
Software engineer at Nixxes Software B.V.
Notable work: Shipped games:
Freelancer at BV as PHP developer.
Internship and freelancer at Engine Software as game developer.
Shipped games:
Internship at GraphiX Visions as graphics programmer.
2000 and before
Various summer jobs as administrative clerk and warehouse support staff.

Games and other projects

Rise of the Tomb Raider

(Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes 2015)

This Xbox 360 port of the Xbox One version of the sequel to the previous Tomb Raider was by far the most challenging project I've ever done. As engine team lead I was responsible for guiding the team in applying both memory and code optimizations to be able to fit in memory and run at acceptable frame rates.

Tomb Raider

(Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes 2013)

Reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. It featured my occlusion culling system, and I have developed a new disc resource management system and an algorithm to optimize disc layout to reduce loading times and improve content streaming.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

(Eidos Montreal / Nixxes, 2011)

This first-person action RPG is the prequel to the famous original Deus Ex that was released in 2000. It features a highly parallelized version of my occlusion culling system that fully takes advantage of the many cores on PC and Xbox 360 and the SPU's on the PS3.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

(Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes, 2010)

A downloadable fixed-camera platform action game for Steam / XBLA / PSN featuring Lara Croft. I have not actually worked on this title, but it uses a fork of the Tomb Raider: Underworld codebase.

Tomb Raider: Underworld

(Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes, 2008)

Well-known adventuregame for various platforms. The next-gen character of this episode in the Tomb Raider series was the ultimate stress test for my occlusion culling and scene management system.

Tomb Raider: Legend

(Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes, 2006)

The next-gen PC port of this game uses the initial implementation of my scene management system

Project: Snowblind

(Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes, 2005)

A first person shooter for PC, PS2 and Xbox. For the Xbox port of this game I worked on various porting issues, such as Xbox Live and savegames

Coronel Indoor Kartracing

(Engine Software BV, 2003)

A go-cart racing game featuring the actual Dutch indoor racing tracks made famous by Coronel. I've written the multiplayer network module for this game.

Homeboxx 3D

(GraphiX Visions, 2001)

The Homeboxx is a building for expositions. GraphiX Visions created the website for it's company, and during my internship I've developed a 3D software renderer in Java for the interactive 3D environment of the Homeboxx. This applet can be viewed here.


Fluent in written and spoken Dutch and English.
In-depth knowledge of C++, x86 assembly, the Win32 API, the XDK and Direct3D.
Knowledge of OpenGL, PowerPC assembly, Java, .Net (C# and C++/CLI) and PHP.
Familiar with Visual Studio, 3D Studio Max and Maya.